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At Vehcon, we provide key vehicle data differently -- without costly OEM or aftermarket hardware.​​​​  Instead, we employ a device that customers already use every day: their smartphones.  As a result, Vehcon delivers core predictive data for a fraction of the cost of current systems.

Our patented systems capture important, yet hard to get, vehicle data -- such as accurate odometer readings, VINs, and vehicle condition and configuration data.  Our business partners benefit by accessing to hard-to-get data and greater engagement with their customers. 

This is the future of vehicle data.  And we're making it a reality.  Vehcon was founded by innovators in vehicle telematics, mobile data analytics and mobile applications.  Hardware-less, easy-to-use data solutions are a critical part of tomorrow's connected ecosystem.  And Vehcon is leading the way there.

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Core Vehicle Data for
Every Car on the Road
... Delivered Affordably

Our vehicle data solutions help companies and governmental entities across the automotive ecosystem -- from auto insurance to fleet to departments of transportation -- to get vehicle data that cannot be accessed elsewhere.  

You no longer need to make an educated guess about key vehicle data like odometer readings, vehicle condition and other data you need to "see" to get.  With Vehcon, you'll know.​​  One key difference?  Vehcon's solutions capture important vehicle data for any car on the road.  Down to the mile. 


For auto insurers offering usage-based insurance (UBI) or mileage-based pricing and discounts, Vehcon solutions provide predictive data critical for underwriting and for accurately understandng vehicle usage.   This means lower insurance rates for drivers.    And better underwriting decisions for insurers.

​Vehcon's solutions integrate into your existing systems, enabling you to have the right program in place at the right time.  More on Solutions ...

Accuracy, transparency, trust
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We are here to help auto insurers, fleet providers, and government department of insurance collect key data for effectively serving their constitutencies.




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September 7-8, 2016 in Chicago

Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer and CTO Joe Fuller will present the latest perspectives on capturing important data from vehicle images using Vehcon's patented solutions. 


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