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Insurnace Telematics USA 2013 by Telematics Update to feature Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association's Automotive Aftermarket eForum 2013 features Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer on vehicle telematics. features Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer on connected car offerings.
AAPEX the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 2012 Features Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer on vehicle telematics, connected car.
Bloomberg covers Hughes Telematics purchase by Verizon, Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer a cofounder.
AJC covers Hughes Telematics purchase by Verizon, Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer a cofounder
Insurance & Technology magazine features Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer's article on Insurance telematics: more than just new underwriting criteria.
Insurance & Technology Magazine features Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer's article on Connected Car: Common Ground for Insurers and the Insured
October 2016

Vehcon will be participating in the InsureTech Connect event with leading insurers, VC and insurance tech companies at this first-of-its-kind event in Las Vegas, October 5-6, 2016.

September 2016

Vehcon will be exhibiting at this annual event, introducing exciting new technologies and tools for enabling insurance underwriters to access accurate VIN and odometer data.

June 2016

Fred Blumer, Vehcon CEO, was inducted into the inagural TU-Automotive Hall of Fame, along with other industry leaders including the founder of OnStar, and the creator of Toyota's connected vehicle systems. 

March 2016

Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer spoke at the annual meeting of the Casualty Actuarial Society regarding mileage as a key underwriting data element for auto insurance underwriters.

Janaury 2016

Vehcon is chosen a technology provider for the California Road Charge Pilot Program, launching on July 1, 2016.  Vehcon technologies are selected to provide accurate odometer readings as the State of California explores ways to potentially replace the state's fuel taxes.   Accuracy and privacy are two key reasons Vehcon was awared the contracts.

October 2015

Vehcon CEO presented his insights on the Internet of Things at this conference in late October.

September 2015

Vehcon presented in Chicago for the Insurance Telematics USA conference, and exhibited  
Vehcon's proprietary solutions for capturing and validating VIN, odometer and other data for the auto insurance industry. 

June 2015

At the Insights Innovation Exchange, Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer spoke on "What Your Car Says About You" and the consumer insights that can be extracted from image data.  To attend next year, visit IIeX' site.

June 2015

Verisk Insurance Solutions and Vehcon form a strategic alliance in order to help auto insurers validate annual miles driven.  As covered by NASDAQ.

June 2015

Vehcon and Verisk's OdometerConfirm featured in "Insurers Can Track Mileage With Policyholders' Smartphones."

May 2015

Vehcon is selected as the 2015 “Top Innovator” for connected vehicles by the Wireless Technology Forum.  Check out CEO Fred Blumer's speech.

March 2015

Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer spoke at the annual meeting of the Casualty Actuarial Society regarding accessing and using connected vehicle data.

June 2014

In the first of a two-part series on the legal costs of existing telematics systems, Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer highlights that insurance companies and the automotive aftermarket can expect to pay $700 million per year within the next year or so -- with this cost ballooning to over $2.1 billion as the telematics industry grows over the next five years.

May 2014

Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer spoke at the 2014 Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium (GAAS 2014).  His topic covered how the aftermarket can join the telematics discussion vs. be left behind as more cars feture OEM and insurance aftermarkt systems.  For more information, visit

May 2014

Vehcon purchases Car Demander's assets.  Through,
consumers can privately solicit offrs from dealers on a particular type of car and privately receive offers, thus preventing spam as part of the selling process.

May 2014

Vehcon acquired the assets of Car Demander (
.  The service, which allows consumers to search and name their price for certain vehicles, will integrate with Vehcon's Q4 2014 offerings.

March 2014

The Minnesota Aliance of Automotive Service Providers surveys the vehicle telematics options currently available and highlights the dangers that OEM systems pose to the automotive aftermarket. They feature Vehcon as an app that could help prevent aftermarket service providers from being "locked out" of the market. 

March 2014 quotes Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer in its article on Vehicle Telematics: Set to Deliver, and telematics role in the automotive aftermarket.

November 2013

Many thanks to the Oregon Department of Transportation for hosting Vehcon Inc. CEO Fred Blumer at the Road Use Charge 2013 Summit. 

November 2013

Tech Writer Urvaksh Karkaria writes on Atlanta's emergence as a "transportation tech hub" in this article featuring Vehcon Inc.

October 1, 2013

Along with speakers from AT&T Mobility and AirWatch, CEO Fred Blumer presented at the Mobility LIVE! conference.  Mobility LIVE! brings together key thought leaders in the areas
of mobile technology standards, strategies and innovations. 

September 2013

Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer appeared at Insurance Telematics USA 2013 as a featured panelist on the smartphone vs. dongle debate.  Read more ...

​September 2013

Vehcon announces that Howard Tullman (G2T3V), Doug Curling (New Kent Capital) and Jim Corman (AIM Group) will be joining its board of directors.  Read more ...

​September 2013

New Vehcon board member Howard Tullman (G2T3V) speaks on his new fund and interest in Vehcon.  Read more...

August 2013

Industry analyst Roger Lanctot and Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer speak on the connected car's impact on the Automotive Aftermarket.    Read more ...

June 2013


Vehcon's Series A raise makes the TechCrunch CrunchBase national roster of companies receiving funding this June.   Read more...

June 2013


Vehcon receives Series A funding from The AIM Group, and Atlanta super-angels Meade Sutterfield and Steve Chaddick.  Read more ...

June 2013


Tech writer Urvaksh Karkaria profiles Vehcon on page one of the Atlanta Business Chronicle in his piece, "Using Smartphone for Driving Data."  According to Merrick Furst of Georgia Tech's Flashpoint accelerator program, “Vehcon has found a simpler and less expensive way to extract data from cars that is meaningful to insurance carriers.” Read more ...​​

June 2013

Who Will Win Service and Parts Battle: OEMs and Dealers or Aftermarket?  Read more ...

​May 2013

Aftermarket Auto Industry's Call to Action.  Vehcon CEO Addresses Fears Regarding Access to Connected Car Data & Industry's Future   Read more ...

May 2013

CEO Fred Blumer was keynote speaker, along with leaders from Delphi, UPS and eBay Motors, at the AAIA's Aftermarket eForum.  His topic?  How connected vehicles pose both an opportunity and a threat to the automotive aftermarket parts, services and maintenance industry.   Read more ...

January 2013

INC Columnist Howard Tullman writes on the differences between innovation and invention, and features Vehcon as a growing comany with big ideas.   Read more ...

December 2012

Brian Albright covers aftermarket connected car offerings, and features thoughts from Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer.  Read more ...

November 2012

CEO Fred Blumer gives key talk at Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas on Confronting the Connected Car: It's Never too Early to PanicRead more ...

June 2012

Verizon buys Hughes Telematics for $612 million, vaulting the company deeper into the automotive technology market.  Hughes Telematics co-founded by Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer.  Read more ...

June 2012

Co-Founded by Vehcon CEO Fred Blumer, Hughes Telematics sells to Verizon for $612 million.  Read more ...

December 2010

Continuing a series of by-lined articles, CEO Fred Blumer writes on the Connected Car: Common Ground for Insurers and the Insured.  Read more ...

November 2010

Telematics innovator CEO Fred Blumer comments on the future of insurance underwriting and telematics devices in Insurance Telematics: More than Just New Underwriting CriteriaRead more ...

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