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Vehicle Telematics Innovator Vehcon, Inc. Acquires Car Demander Assets
May 14, 2014


Atlanta-based Vehcon, Inc., an innovator in the vehicle telematics and mobile data industry, today announced it acquired the assets of Orlando-based Car Demander, a company that connects consumers to the cars they want to buy via an online and mobile platform (


The acquisition of Car Demander’s technologies will enhance Vehcon’s current suite of mileage-verification and automotive lifecycle solutions that serve the usage-based insurance (UBI), vehicle sales, automotive data, extended warranty, and car care industries. “Car Demander’s proprietary technologies create an innovative platform to make the vehicle purchasing process more consumer- and privacy-centric,” said Joe Fuller, Vehcon co-founder and CTO.


In contrast to traditional online vehicle shopping models, Car Demander’s technology allows a consumer to input a “demand” for a vehicle that meets their individual criteria, and returns “best offers” on matching vehicles from participating dealers. Car buyers can then decide which dealers they want to respond to, keeping personal information private from all but those dealers. This eliminates spam and other unwanted contact.


“Our goal at Vehcon is to produce software, mobile apps, and smart-data solutions that help the UBI and automotive-related industries provide services to drivers throughout the entire vehicle-ownership lifecycle. Our mission is to accomplish that while protecting consumer privacy. Car Demander’s technology and capabilities will add to our growing suite of innovative driver services,” said Vehcon co-founder and CEO Fred Blumer. He continued, “the Car Demander solution integrates seamlessly into near-term offerings that Vehcon will introduce into the market starting in Q4 2014.”



Vehcon’s patent-protected web and mobile solutions collect and authenticate predictive vehicle data, enabling drivers to lower their total cost of vehicle ownership while maintaining optimal privacy and control. For its commercial partners, Vehcon’s data empowers both big-data solutions and permission-based interaction with consumers at the right time and place. Founded in 2012 by innovators in vehicle telematics, mobile data analytics and mobile applications, Vehcon is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit




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